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Pat & Tara

Pat & Tara

We recently chose Paul, a local, to perform a pre- purchase building inspection on a house we had made an offer on South of Adelaide, that looked nice but had it appears, really only had a ‘facelift’.

It was organized with the real estate agent seamlessly and performed the next day. The real estate agent was continually pushing us to sign the contract to begin the 2 day cooling off period but we cautiously insisted on a building inspection first. We were SO glad that we held out.

Paul phoned us immediately after the inspection, advising us of many, many defects which we would not have picked up ourselves, ranging from mouse droppings under the sink to an old asbestos flu in the roof space. It would have cost us $50k to remedy the defects and bring the property up to standard.

What followed a short time later was a very detailed report with lots of photos. We immediately pulled out of the purchase and we are very aware we had had a narrow escape from what would have been a costly mistake on our part.

We will certainly use Paul again as soon as we find our next property, and will insist on a building inspection before signing ANYTHING. We know he will be able to activate the inspection within a day or 2 and be absolutely honest and upfront in his assessment.

We would thoroughly recommend Paul to do your next building inspection! Thank you Paul.

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